Access exclusive, institutional Private Equity

We are experienced credit investors who can identify, source and structure compelling opportunities across the markets. We have developed and nurtured a robust network of relationships over the past 15 years which we draw upon to source assets, formulate capital market solutions and form investment partnerships.

Mr. Behzad Taufiq
Founder and CIO

Prior to forming Valentus, Behzad was the Head of Credit Trading and Managing Director at Hudson Advisors, the asset manager for Lone Star Funds – a private equity fund that has raised $85B in capital since 1995 and that is heavily involved in the credit investing space. Prior to Hudson and during the Great Financial Crisis, Mr. Taufiq worked in the Mortgage Trading team at Cerberus Capital Management (“Cerberus”), a private equity fund that has raised $42 billion in capital since 1992 and specializes in distressed investing. Prior to working at Cerberus, Mr. Taufiq worked at Cerberus Operations and Advisory Company and Certavi Capital Management.

Mr. Taufiq is a graduate of UC Berkeley.

Our Relationships

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Opportunistic and strategic investments in credit

Valentus Capital Management ("Valentus") is the Investment Manager of the Valentus Fund Limited Partnerships ("Valentus Funds"). Valentus anticipates registering with the Securities and Exchange Commission as a Registered Investment Advisor under the Investment Advisers Act of 1940.

Valentus was founded on the core principles of nimbleness, agnostic investing and innovation. We focus on event-driven and value-oriented investment opportunities within the consumer and corporate-focused credit sectors and the real estate markets. We combine experienced investing through the peaks and troughs of credit cycles with disciplined and prudent capital deployment to identify attractive risk-adjusted opportunities for Valentus Funds.

Valentus aims to deliver results not only by sourcing assets and formulating strategies but by adhering to active asset management practices that enhance investment potential.

$ 250 Million
Target Fund Size

Opportunistic and Event-Driven Investments
With upside potential

>$ 50 Million
Accessible through digitalization

5 Years
Commitment period from Final closing of investors

Universe of Investible Assets

Residential-Backed Mortgage Securities (RMBS)

Corporate Loan Obligations (CLO) & Asset Backed Securities (ABS)

Real Estate

Access and trade exclusive Private Equity

We were able to reduce the entry barrier for an investment from $2.5m to $10k minimum investment size.

Technology allows access to investments previously only available for institutional investors. It is built by Realio in partnership Algorand. The Algorand Founder, Dr. Silvio Micali, enabled a secure but scalable infrastructure out of the MIT faculty - the foundation to automate trust and compliance, in a secure and scalable manner.

After the technology enabled compliance check you will have the opportunity to invest alongside institutional investors of a global calibre.

We have to ensure compliance with all investors involved. The technology enabled process will guide you trough a brief KYC/ AML verification. Our partner is licensed and complies with the highest data protection regulations - your data is safe.

1 Create an account with our partner
2 Complete the SEC required KYC/ AML check
3 Log in your account and execute the investment
Frequently asked questions

Valentus is an online investment portal connecting institutional investors with a global, borderless infrastructure. Powered by the Realio Network.

Valentus makes opportunistic investments in the credit sectors and real estate markets. Valentus investments may include bonds, loans or hard assets, such as physical real estate.

Valentus aims to produce double digit returns on any acquired asset but there are no guarantees an asset will produce a positive return.

Risk profiles vary depending on asset type, and Valentus makes opportunistic investments across a variety of asset types, such as bonds or loans backed by consumer or corporate entities.

Investment duration and liquidity vary depending on asset, but Valentus aims to exit assets within 3 to 5 years after acquisition. For investors investing through our partner platform Realio will enjoy access to a SEC enabled P2P liquidity network from day one.

The technology that enabled the "digitalization "of Valentus equity investment and compliance automation, is provided by Realio LLC. The custody and safety of investors accounts is ensured by Prime Trust LLC. Valentus partners are licensed and comply with the highest data protection regulations - investor data and assets are safe. For more information visit and

Valentus partner Realio built an easy to use interface where clients can access and trade the Valentus securities. Investors have to complete 3 easy steps to find out if they are eligible to make the investment. Subsequently, investors log in and proceed with the investment & trade as they are used from other platforms - simple and secure.

The minimum investment amount is reduced from $10M to $10K with Realio´s compliance automation technology.

There are regulatory requirements, that investors have to pass to be eligible for an investment. The automated technology platform Realio will communicate investor eligibility after completing the compliance verification steps. In broad terms, in the US only accredited and institutional investors are allowed to enter the investment opportunity. Investors outside of the US have more flexibility. For detailed information sign up for the automated compliance check here or have a look at the PPM.

Valentus takes an 1% annual fee for the active management of the credit opportunity. The technology provider Realio also takes an 1% annual fee for providing and maintaining access and trade to the Valentus investment opportunity.

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